1. Compression & Stretchability 

Some fabric are so stretchable that you will feel like you're wear nothing; while some on the other hand has more compression.

Compression fabric promotes more blood flow to your muscle. It is not just good for increasing burning from the exercise, it also controls injury rate from it. Your body will be supported by the fabric that holds your body better.

Apart from compression, activewear fabric is typically either 2-way or 4-way stretch. For yoga workout, it's best to choose a 4-way stretch fabric.

**Our Glamton Fabric has a rare combination of fabric characters ie. - medium compression and 4-way stretch. It is tight enough to lift your body and yet stretchy enough to let  you move 360°.

2. Soft Texture + Noisy Rub Control

The most common annoyance of a typical activewear synthetic fabric is that it is usually not as soft as a cotton and tends to create more friction noise when rubbed against each other, especially on the thigh.

**Our Glamton fabric is designed to have a soft cotton feel yet having the sweat wicking character of a synthetic fabric. It lets you flow quieter in your yoga classes.

3. Sweat Wicking

Do you prefer the soft texture of cotton than the common activewear fabric? As much as we like the soft texture of a cotton fabric, it is usually not suitable for workout that will make you sweat. Cotton fabric tends to trap moisture on the fabric which will make the garment wet and heavy throughout the workout.

On the other hand, synthetic fabric such as nylon or polyester fabric wicks the sweat away from the surface of your skin towards the outer layer of the fabric, the sweat will then be dried off by the surrounding air flow from the fabric.

**Our Glamton fabric is so sweat wicking that you may go for your coffee meet up in them after your workout session.

"Didn't wanna take it off at my first wear" - Simona